When you are looking to work with a job shop or contract manufacturer, you are beginning a partnership. You are making a commitment that could last for many years. It’s a big decision and should be taken seriously. Not all job shops are created equal. The more you know, the better chance you have at a successful long-term relationship with a manufacturing partner.


There are many things to take into consideration before making your final decision. Let’s get into some critical areas to review:



Capability is usually one of the first pieces of information collected when comparing job shop partners. When reviewing this information, be sure to ask what they specialize in, what they do in-house and what they out-source.


Experience & Engineering Expertise

Job shops offer a varying level of engineering expertise. Depending on your parts, you should be looking for companies who offer engineering support that can add value to your manufacturing project. It’s important to find a contract manufacturer with a vast amount of engineering skills including mechanical, electrical, and software. Job shops with a strong engineering team can provide you with product design and implementation that can help you increase the quality of your parts.



You expect for your job shop to have the equipment and technology in place to complete your projects. Check to see how current the equipment they are using is, how it’s maintained/calibrated, and what technologies are being used.


Quality Control

Quality control is not an activity that only takes place at the end of the manufacturing cycle. It should be integrated into every step of the way from design through shipping. Your job shop partner should have a team of quality control experts to monitor quality through production. Along with personnel, always check out the quality certifications (ISO) of your job shop.



Before partnering with a job shop, you need to know that they have the bandwidth to handle your projects. Not only do you want to know if they have enough physical space for assembly and storage, but also if there will be dedicated personnel for your project. It’s also important to note on what scale your project is in relation to other projects they have going on.



Personnel is one of the most important aspects of selecting a job shop because your project’s success will depend on the people assigned to your project. You will have your contact person or project manager- how well do you get along? Will you feel comfortable talking with this person on a regular basis? You may also want to know about the process and training utilized for personnel working on the shop floor.


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