Quality Control

Turning Services

Machine Plus offers a wide range of choices as a leading CNC turning provider.  The CNC turning capabilities we provide offer our customers with eliminated production downtime and reliable part supplies.

Our equipment is set up for high productivity and integrated with the latest engineering software.  Machine Plus can take on parts measuring up to 39” in length while meeting ultra-tight tolerances.  Our high performing turning centers are used for flexible machining chunk, shaft, and bar stock parts.  We are committed to offering top-notch CNC services for the creation of your most complex products!

Turning Equipment & Features

  • Turning Centers
  • Okuma LB3000EXBBMY Turning Center
    • 16″ diameter, 37.75″ long
    • 3.18″ dia Thru Spindle Bar Capacity
    • 10″ Quick Change Chuck
    • 40 Horse Spindle
    • Y axis Mill/Drill/Tap
    • Live Tooling 10 Horse Power
    • Programmable Tail stock
  • 2-Mazak Turning Centers
    • 15” diameter, 39” long max
    • 3.15″ Thru Spindle Hole
    • Live Tooling
    • Programmable Tail Stock
    • Collet Chuck, 3 & 4 Jaw Chucks
    • Bar Puller with Spindle Sleeves

Optimial Part Manufacturing

    We work with most metals including Aluminum, Stainless, Steel, Harden steel, Bronze, Brass, Plastic, Acetyl, and  Titanium.

    CNC turning gives you with an economical way to produce parts by reducing complexity and minimizing the amount of material removed.

    Our in-house engineers and machinists diligently follow all design specifications and strive to improve and optimize the part manufacturing process.

      To learn more about our services, contact us to learn how we can help you with your application!