Machining Services

Machine Plus specializes in conventional and CNC machining. Our machine shop offers precision milling, turning, and grinding services.  Our modern facility and engineering specialists work to provide reliable production machining for a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, medical, US Navy, paper, food production, wrapping, and much more.

High Precision Machining

Machine Plus uses the latest in automation, advanced CAD/CAM technology, 3D software, and a highly skilled workforce to achieve high precision and tight tolerance machining.  We design fixtures and processes that maximize our work to increase productivity and lower manufacturing costs.

We work with most materials  including Aluminum, Stainless, Steel, Harden Steel, Bronze, Brass, Plastic, Acetyl, and  Titanium



  • Newest Master-Cam with 3D capability
  • HAAS Vertical & 4th Axis Machining Centers
  • HAAS VF-9
    • Up to 84″ x 42″ x 30″
    • Thru spindle Coolant
    • High speed machining
    • 41 tools
    • 4th Axis
  • HAAS VF-6SS Faster
    • Up to 64″ x 32″ x 30″
    • 1,000 PSI High Pressure Thru Spindle Coolant
    • Thru Spindle Air Blast
    • High Speed Machining
    • 41 Tools
    • 4th Axis
  • HAAS VF-4
    • Up to 50″ x 20″ x 30″
    • Geared Spindle for Power
    • Thru Spindle Coolant
    • High Speed Machining
    • 41 Tools
    • 4th axis
  • HAAS VF4-SS Faster
    • Up to 50″ x 20″ x 30″
    • Thru spindle Coolant
    • High Speed Machining
    • 25 Tools
    • 4th axis


Services Feature:

  • Programming off line, Latest Master-Cam
  • Multiple True 4th Axis
  • High Speed 3D Machining
  • Threw Spindle Coolant
  • Probing on all Mills
  • Measuring on the Fly
  • Adjustable Angle Spindle Head

We’ve got the capability to fill your machine shop needs. Machine Plus has the engineering knowledge and manufacturing capability to take your part from prototype to production!

For more information about our extensive CNC services, contact us to learn how we can help you with your application.